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Achilli MAS 3.0 multisystem

Achilli MAS 3.0 multisystem

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    Machinery & Equipment
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    - Work table fabricated in galvanized steel rails
    - Dimensions of the worktable: 3960 x 900 mm
    - Roller table with 96 multidirectional rollers for easy and swift slab positioning
    - Pop-up rollers raise and lower by motorized hydraulic system
    - Water tank, 550 liters approx. capacity
    - Water pump: 0.5Kw motor - max capacity 250 l/min.
    - Head tilt from 90° to 0° for working the edge of slabs up to 60 mm in thickness
    - Main motor slide for working of slab edge
    - Motorized head feed with variable speed from 0 to 7 m/min both
    both forward and reverse. Head travel: 3100 mm
    - Selection of three different head feed modes:
     Mode "0": forward and no reverse
     Mode "1": forward and reverse continuously
     Mode "2": forward and reverse, one cycle only
    - Motorized working depth adjustment with variable speed from 0 to 0.6 m/min. Travel: 250mm
    - 2-speed main motor
     Low speed for granite, power 5.5KW 7.5HP - 1700rpm at 60Hz
     High speed for marble, power 7.5KW 10HP - 3400rpm at 60Hz
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