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Achilli JBS3700 bridge saw

Achilli JBS3700 bridge saw

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    Sawing and Cutting Machinery
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    Machinery & Equipment
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  • Achilli has a wide range of bridge saw sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Please visit our website to see more.
    MAIN MOTOR: 3-phase 4 poles - Power: 11KW (15HP)
    This bridge saw has been designed for cutting marble and granite slabs. Head motion on the three axes is
    motorized and programmed by means of a "CNC" axis control unit. To guarantee sturdiness and cutting precision,
    main motor is mounted on a bridge, which running is particularly accurate.
    Machine work table is covered with wooden boards and turns manually.
    Table tilting in vertical position and the hydraulic pop-up rollers are controlled by CNC and offered as option.
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